Sunday, February 27, 2011

Introducing the newest member of...

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My sister in law Jen was baptized yesterday. We are so happy for her and Bodi's brother Blake! Here she is getting ready to get dunked! It's a good thing she practiced because she had to be baptised twice! She was extra blessed! I was so excited that Jen let me be in charge of the decorations. I told her that we couldn't have a party without decorations. I made more paper lanterns for the table. My favorite part was the quote tags. I used lines from different primary songs. They turned out cute!

We had so much yummy food!
Jen and Blake are so loved! They had a huge turn out!
We love you Jen...Congratulations!

Week 8...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

14 days of Love...

I love to celebrate Valentines Day. I always get so excited to get my decorations out and to think of all the fun things I can do for my kids. We celebrated our 14 days of love again this year. I love watching the girls get excited to look in their valentine bag to see what the activity of the day will be.
We sent out these Valentines to all our family. We tried to have a Valentines Day picnic but the wind would not cooperate. The kids did love their heart shaped pb&j though.
To end our 14 days of love we had our annual romantic family dinner. I made homemade heart shaped pizzas with fruit salad, green salad and sparkling cider.

The girls loved it!

To end our romantic dinner we had a dessert of chocolate dipped marshmallows and strawberries.
On to the next holiday!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mommy and Baby Tea Party...

Sophie has been talking about her party for months. She had lots of ideas but ultimately wanted a party just like last year. Of course I couldn't do that! She has loved her American Girl Bitty Twin that she got for Christmas so we decided to do a Mommy & Baby tea party. I had a little bit of fun putting this together. (lets be honest...this party was for me too!)
Here is our spread!

And now for the table... I headed to the DI to find lots of tea cups and saucers. I even found the cute tea pot.
I used my new silhouette machine to make these lanterns.

Sophie was so excited! She got a new outfit for her baby that morning.

Here cute friends came dressed for a tea party.
Before tea time we had to put their babies down for a nap.
The girls were so cute during the tea party. They kept giving each other cheers and acting very proper.

We made bracelets for the Mommies and the babies. The girls did such a great job beading.
Sophie finally got to open her presents. She has the best friends that gave her some super cute things.
And now the cake!
The party was a success. The girls all had a fun time...especially Sophie!

Friday, February 11, 2011

5 years...already!

I am having a hard time sweet Sophie is 5 today! I can't believe how fast it has gone. It feels like yesterday that I was crying myself to sleep because I wanted her so badly that it hurt. The day she was born was the best day of my life! I have loved having her in our family. She is my sweet little lady with an amazing imagination and personality. I love watching her grow and learn new things everyday. I just want her to stay little forever!

Love you Sophie! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Beginnings...

When I heard that the beehive class was in charge of New Beginnings I was so excited. The whole thing came to me in 5 minutes. I have had it envisioned in my mind for a few months now and I am so happy that is over and that it was a success!
The YM/YW theme for the year is the 13th article of faith. We took the last line "we seek after these things" as our idea and turned it into Seeking Treasures. We had a pirate theme. Yes we all dressed up!

We started in the cultural hall with empty treasure chests on the tables. Here we did all of our introductions of the theme and all the things that go with YW(sports, camp, personal progress, activities, strength of youth...) We also gave them a packet with all the information in it. I forgot to take a picture :( Then we gave them treasure maps and sent them on their journey to find the "treasure".
Good Works Coral
Here we played games to teach the girls about the values Good Works, Choice and Accountability and Knowledge.
Love all the fish decorations!
Faith Island

Virtue Reef
Here they played the game of life on a life size board.
Don't you just love the jelly fish!
Here are most of my cute beehives. I am so proud of presidency all completed one 10 hour project by helping with New Beginnings!
Here is the favor. It is a bunch of candies in the value colors.
At the end of their journey the came back to the cultural hall to find the "treasure". We had filled the treasure chests with pictures of the temple. We had the bishop speak to the girls about the treasures of the temple and that the YW program is for them to go there someday.

Our refreshment was blue jello with fish candies on top. So cute!
Here is our whole crew with our new beehives. We has such a great night and can't wait for these new bees to come in!