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10 Months

Will at 10 months! 
He is so much fun right now! He is learning new things everyday. His personality is coming out strong. Here are some fun facts about Will this month:

* Can sit up by himself from his tummy
* Getting up on his knees to crawl for a bit
* Standing up on toys and drawers
* New words: Sadie, Bye Bye and Hi
* Waves bye bye
* Loves ice cream
* His favorite game to play is catch. He throws and catches so well.
* He will play with a ball by himself for 30 minutes or more. When it gets stuck under a chair he screams until someone helps him.
* He loves being outside...especially in his wagon.
* He is our new vacuum. After every meal he gets excited to eat everything off the floor...yuck! 
* He tries to blow bubbles in the tub
* Throws fits! He screams and growls. He throws himself back, arches his back and flaps his arms and legs around.
* Has bruises all over his head and face. He is always running into things, falling over and throwing fits.