Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kenny Concert....

Bodi and I got to go the the Kenny Chesney concert on Thursday. We had such a great time even though it was 105 degrees outside that day! We were lucky enough to have great floor seats in the shade! Kenny was amazing. I have never seen someone perform with that much energy before!
Miranda Lambert was one of the openers. She was really fun the watch. I really like her music. Lady Antebellum also opened. They have some great songs!

My Five:

1. Instacare open on holidays
2. Fresh corn on the cob
3. Sophie saying please and thank you (sometimes!)
4. Laynie can go down the stairs by herself (sometimes)
5. Watching Snow White with the girls

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Amanda Anderson Design...

Just giving you all a reminder to check out my design blog. I have just added wedding invitations. I have single sided and double sided invites. I also do baby announcements, shower, birthday invitations and yes...Christmas cards. It's never to early to get started on your Christmas cards! Take a look!

Trendy Tikes

Introducing... My Sister Rachel has opened a shop on Etsy called Trendy Tikes. She is so talented and crafty. Right now she has her hand made ties at the shop. Take a look at my cute nephew Bridger who is the tie model. Check out her shop at

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Congratulations Blake & Jen!!!

Bodi's little brother Blake got married yesterday. We were so excited to go and support him and his new wife Jen. It was such a fun day that started with the ceremony in a beautiful garden. Bodi was the Best Man and he looks so good in his tux!

Bodi and the girls.
Carl, Blake, Brady, Grandpa & Bodi. Don't they look handsome!

All the grand kids!

Blake and Laynie dancing!

The groomsmen and Grandpa got to do the YMCA! It was hilarious!

We danced all night. The girls loved it!

The money dance.

The guys had a fun time decorating the truck. It was so bad!!

Congratulations Blake & Jen!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Super Fast... Super Fun Bear Lake...

My Mom and the family went camping up at the Bear Lake KOA. We decided to go up and join them for the night. I am so glad that we went. We had such a fun time! The KOA campground was so family friendly and I think we will be going back again. We finally got to use Bodi's new spring bar tent. I was a little worried that the girls would have a rough night in the tent. Much to my suprise they both did great! Laynie went right to sleep and didn't make a peep until 7am! Popi & LayLay sharing a marshmallow

Mom made some super yummy Peach/Apple cobbler in the dutch oven!

At the campground they had a hay ride for the kids. Sophie had a fun ride!
We took a drive over to the beach to go on some wave runners. One of Bodi's work friends has some property and lots of fun toys. We got to take the girls out on the water. Both of them loved it! Sophie even wanted to go twice! The water was a little cold but it felt so good on a hot day!

Lots of fun in 24 hours!

My Five:

1. Lots of new babies in the neighborhood!

2. My girls are pretty good campers

3. Getting out on the water

4. Peach Cobbler & Ice Cream

5. Fresh cucumbers from the garden

Monday, July 6, 2009

Week 27...

29th- Another head injury forLaynie. Almost had to get stitchesthis time! 30th- I took my Momto Ikea for the 1st time. As you can see she really enjoyed it!1st- Daddy & the girls playingin the tent! 2nd-Sophie got to move up to level 2 in swim class! 3rd- All the girls got matching toes for the 4th! 4th- Happy 4th of July!We went to a parade, swimmingBBQed & fireworks. Lots of fun! 5th- Bridger wearing one of his Mommy’s cute ties!

Fun on the 4th...

We had a super fun 4th of July. Warning: there are tons of pictures!
We started our day with red, white & blue pancakes. Grandpa & Grandma Romney spent the night with us.

Here are the girls in their 4th of July dresses! We went to the Cherry Day's parade. Here is Bodi covering up Sophie's ears when the fire trucks went by. She is so silly!
My little sister Hannah was in the parade this year.
We had so many yummy treats. This was my favorite red white and blueberry cake made by Aunt Jan!
Of course we went swimming! The girls just love to get thrown up in the air by Daddy. It is way high!!

LayLay with Sophie's goggles!
Give me a kiss!
We had our own fireworks show in the driveway before we headed to the big show!
Sophie was scared of the sparklers but she still wanted them
I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday!
My Five:
1. Spending time with my family
2. Freedom
3. Parades
4. My new favorite treat Zeppes
5. 2 weeks off of swim!!!