Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun on the 4th...

We had a super fun 4th of July. Warning: there are tons of pictures!
We started our day with red, white & blue pancakes. Grandpa & Grandma Romney spent the night with us.

Here are the girls in their 4th of July dresses! We went to the Cherry Day's parade. Here is Bodi covering up Sophie's ears when the fire trucks went by. She is so silly!
My little sister Hannah was in the parade this year.
We had so many yummy treats. This was my favorite red white and blueberry cake made by Aunt Jan!
Of course we went swimming! The girls just love to get thrown up in the air by Daddy. It is way high!!

LayLay with Sophie's goggles!
Give me a kiss!
We had our own fireworks show in the driveway before we headed to the big show!
Sophie was scared of the sparklers but she still wanted them
I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday!
My Five:
1. Spending time with my family
2. Freedom
3. Parades
4. My new favorite treat Zeppes
5. 2 weeks off of swim!!!

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Rachel Smith said...

I Love the one of me and bodi and the kids...a happy family! Ha ha!
Thanks so mcuh for all your help with my ties..I'm so glad you've turned crafty-esspecially digitally crafty...I'd be totally stuck without a logo! Thanks Sis!