Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kenny Concert....

Bodi and I got to go the the Kenny Chesney concert on Thursday. We had such a great time even though it was 105 degrees outside that day! We were lucky enough to have great floor seats in the shade! Kenny was amazing. I have never seen someone perform with that much energy before!
Miranda Lambert was one of the openers. She was really fun the watch. I really like her music. Lady Antebellum also opened. They have some great songs!

My Five:

1. Instacare open on holidays
2. Fresh corn on the cob
3. Sophie saying please and thank you (sometimes!)
4. Laynie can go down the stairs by herself (sometimes)
5. Watching Snow White with the girls


A.J. Johnson:A Family Company said...

hey! we were there too!! except not a close as you guys, if you looked to the east and the very top row, you'd see my dad shaking his groove thing the whole show. Especially the encore, he loves the Eagles. Wasn't it such a good show though?! Loved it, so fun. Question: Are we doing a shower for Teea, or have I just not heard anything?

Kathy Wood said...

Such a cute pic!