Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Disneyland.............Part 1

I finally talked Bodi into going to Disneyland! We went with our friends Abbey, Tyson and their son Jackson. We had such a great time! Our trip started out a little slow. It took us 9 hours to get there from Cedar City. With 3 kids under the age of 3 you can imagine all of the potty breaks we had to make! We were determined to get there no matter what!
Don't think I am crazy but I used a dog leash to keep track of Sophie. I attached it to her belt loop. She never got lost!

Sophie loved the princess castle. She wanted to walk through it every time she saw it. She also loves her dress ups. Her Grandma Debbie gave her this Aerial dress for Christmas and she wore it the whole day!
Mikey was her first character she got to see! She gave him a big hug!

Little Laynie was so happy at Disneyland! She just smiled at everything and everyone. We had so many oriental people stop us and ask for her picture because she was so smiley. I was a little worried about taking her but she was an angel!

I got my chocolate covered banana!!!! Yummy!!!

We took Sophie on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride not even thinking of how scary it is. She was terrified! (today she can't stop singing "yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me)
Both the girls loved the parades! They were so fun to watch!
Of course we stayed to watch the fireworks show. It was amazing! The best was the "snow" at the end.
12 hours of pure bliss! Back soon with day 2.

My After Disneyland 5:
1. Spending time with my family
2. Seeing my girls so happy!
3. Portable DVD players
4. Clean gas stations
5. Great friends!

Happy New Year...

We made it back from Disneyland and had a great time! (more about that to come) I hope all of you have a very Happy New Year!

Friday, December 26, 2008


We have had a very eventful week leading up to Christmas. We all got sick. Laynie on Monday, Sophie on Tuesday, me on Wednesday & Bodi on Thursday. We all got the yucky flu bug. I even had to cancel my Christmas Eve party. (sorry everyone!) Laynie and I spent Christmas Eve at home while everyone partied at my Moms. Sophie decorated cookies for Santa and played a shepherd in the pageant.

Christmas morning was lots of fun. Santa came and brought Sophie her pink boombox and Laynie a basketball hoop. After we opened presents we went to my Moms house for breakfast and more presents. When we got home everyone was so tired from all the excitement that they slept for 4 hours. Even though we were all sick this week we had a great time spending Christmas together! She is such a happy girl! Laynie loved all the wrapping paper!
Sophie was in total shock that Santa actually came and brought her a pink boombox!
Sophie and Daddy playing with the new dress ups!
Christmas Pj's

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Remembering the reason.....

Bodi and I had the opportunity to play Mary and Joseph for a nativity movie that our ward put together for our Christmas party. I have enjoyed having these pictures and have had a chance to really reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Here are a few of the pictures that I love. They really to put me in the Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

My Christmas 5:

1. My Savior

2. His Mother Mary- those feelings she must have felt.

3. The Plan of Salvation

4. My Family
5. Almost time for Disneyland!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Romney Family Christmas Party...

Tonight was yet another party! This time it was with my Dad and my siblings. (sorry Mike you missed out up in Yellowstone) We had a big dinner of street tacos (yum). We used to eat those as kids and it has been a long time since I had eaten one! Then we opened presents from Grandma and Grandpa Romney. It was the first time that we have had a family party together in years. We had a great time tonight and I hope that we can do it again!

Anderson Family Christmas Party...

Last night was the annual extended Anderson Family Party. We had a great time visiting with everyone. Bodi's sister Heather came into town with her kids and we have missed them. Santa came and brought the girls a little present. Grandma Debbie bought all her grandkids matching sweaters and they wore them to the party. They all looked so cute!

My Five:
1. almost being done with my shopping

2. christmas partys
3. sophies cute questions about santa

4. singing in the choir

5. peppermint ice cream

Friday, December 19, 2008

Here is a card for everyone. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Dresses........

I have a few people to thank for finding Sophies super cute dress. Thank you to my Aunt Jan and my sister Hannah for finding it in Macey and hiding it in a really good place so that no one else would buy if before me. Thank you to my MIL Debbie for taking Sophie to mall to buy it on sale and using her coupons to get it for a killer deal! Thank you to my Mom for finding these super cute hats that make the outfits perfect. You guys are the best!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gingerbread fun......

Looking for something fun to do with the kids....make a gingerbread house. I got a kit from Sams Club that had everything we needed. There are not very many things that can hold Sophies attention for almost 2 hours. I think that is is going to be one of our new traditions we will start this year!

My Five:

1. (fast shipping)
2. one hour photo
3. snow suits!
4. Hot Chocolate!
5. Christmas movies!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree and Santa .....

We went to visit Santa the day after Thanksgiving and as you can see the girls were really excited. Sophie really was so excited until it got to be her turn. She was so terrified that she couldn't even talk to him. She was so proud of herself because she didn't cry! I was really proud of her too! (PS: don't go to the mall. $20 for the stupid picture)

We finally went on got our live tree for the year. We have a little lot by our house that lets you pick your own and you get to cut it down your self! This is our second year doing this and it is a lot of fun. We picked out a cute little blue spruce to put in our basement. I love it because when you walk down the stairs you can sell the tree. It smells so good. Do you love the picture of Bodi doing his best pose of decorating the tree! I think we are officially ready for Christmas now.

2 trees: check

visit santa: check

stockings: check

christmas cheer: check

presents: ????

well maybe not all the way ready!

I have some new tricks........

Laynie is 9 months old now and I can't believe that she is getting so big. She is now 15 lbs 15 ounces and 27 1/2 inches long. She is still tiny in the 15th percentile. She is crawling all over the place and into everything. She is my crazy tornado baby. She has a new trick....Standing!!! She thinks that she is so big because she can stand up on everything. There has been lots of crying with bumps and bruises from all the falling. I wish I could keep her tiny forever!!! One more thing...she got her 3rd tooth in today!

My 5.
1. a husband who supports me and helps with the kids!
2. Christmas card orders
3. the primary picture frames!!!
4. Sam's club photo gifts
5. snow!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tis the season....

... for setting up our Christmas tree.... ...with a little help from Laynie

...Tis the season for a Nativity set...

... that the crazy baby loves to chew on.

... Tis the season for some lights...

... that are so tasty!
...Tis the season for a tree up on a table because of the crazy baby!

My Five:
1. Christmas Smells: cinnamon, pine...
2. Decorations

3. Warm Soup

4. A blustery day

5. My fisher price Nativity set