Friday, December 26, 2008


We have had a very eventful week leading up to Christmas. We all got sick. Laynie on Monday, Sophie on Tuesday, me on Wednesday & Bodi on Thursday. We all got the yucky flu bug. I even had to cancel my Christmas Eve party. (sorry everyone!) Laynie and I spent Christmas Eve at home while everyone partied at my Moms. Sophie decorated cookies for Santa and played a shepherd in the pageant.

Christmas morning was lots of fun. Santa came and brought Sophie her pink boombox and Laynie a basketball hoop. After we opened presents we went to my Moms house for breakfast and more presents. When we got home everyone was so tired from all the excitement that they slept for 4 hours. Even though we were all sick this week we had a great time spending Christmas together! She is such a happy girl! Laynie loved all the wrapping paper!
Sophie was in total shock that Santa actually came and brought her a pink boombox!
Sophie and Daddy playing with the new dress ups!
Christmas Pj's


Em said...

Merry Christmas. Hope you all are feeling better. Have fun at Disney.

Reid and Brittney said...

Sorry you were all sick..that is never fun especially around Christmas time. Your girls looked so cute in there PJ's. I love those pictures of you, Bodi, and Laynie playing Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus, they are great. That is so cool that you got to do it. Hope you had a great Christmas besides being sick.

Go Out said...

So cute n_0