Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 30th Bodi...

I can't believe that Bodi is 30! I know that he isn't really old but I can't help but tease him. He is older than me and always will be!
For his birthday we went to Pirate Island Pizza to celebrate. Bodi got to play some games... ...and have some gourmet cupcakes from 25 Main...
...then take a nose dive into his ice cream!

Here are 30 reasons why I love Bodi:

  1. He is Hot
  2. He is a great Dad
  3. He can make me laugh
  4. He can brighten any bad day
  5. He is a good friend
  6. He can fix anything
  7. He can sleep anywhere
  8. He loves his family
  9. He watches Chick flicks with me
  10. He always drives
  11. He can cook
  12. He can clean
  13. He will change diapers...even the poopy ones
  14. He loves my family
  15. He lets me do what I want
  16. He has great hair
  17. His testimony
  18. His strength
  19. He is good at his job
  20. He plays with the girls
  21. All the neighborhood kids knock on my door and ask if Bodi can play
  22. He has lots of fun hobbies
  23. He has facial hair
  24. My girls love him
  25. He has a wild imagination
  26. He can talk to anyone
  27. He sings great songs
  28. He loves chocolate
  29. He honors his priesthood
  30. He is Hot!

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