Thursday, February 11, 2010

Birthday Fun...

Sophie has had a hard week. She has been sick with a high fever and throwing up. She woke up this morning feeling so rotten with a 104 degree fever. She really wanted to go to McDonalds for breakfast but she took one bite and got sick. The best part was that she got Laynie and I to sing to her and she got to blow out her candles. We took her to the doctor and found out that she had a kydney infection. She got some antibiotics and hopefully will start to get feeling better soon. When we got back from the doctor we found a package at the door. Uncle Buc, Aunt Tara and cousin Isaac sent her a super fun birthday package. It was just what she needed to boost her spirits today! She loved decorating her cookies Tara made her!
She finally started to feel better and wanted to go out and celebrate her birthday. We went to the cuteset cupcake shop and she got to pick out her own cupcake. She also got to wear her birthday outfit that Nana and I made for her. My Mom has gone crazy with ruffles!!!

All day she was saying that she really wanted to go to Wendy's for dinner. She got lucky because Grandma Debbie came up from Ephraim to see her.Finally she got to open her presents! She got her very own camera. Now she doesn't have to borrow mine all the time!
And then the cupcakes. They were so yummy!
Even though she was feeling so crummy it eneded up being a super fun birthday!

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Natalie said...

Happy Birthday {yesterday} Sophie! :) Her birthday outfit was adorable! Looks like she had lots of fun! Hope she starts feeling better soon!