Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh Sophie...

I just feel so bad for my little Sophie because I know exactly what it is like to hurt yourself on a daily basis. The poor girl takes after me that way. Yesterday she took a spill backwards out of the car and landed on the back of her head on the concrete in the garage. We thought she was going to be fine because she had no bump or any other "signs". 2 weeks ago she had a huge bump on her head with barley even a tear. We went to dinner with my Cousin Amy and her family. When we got there she started crying and acting strange. Then she started dry heaving and trying to go to sleep. After a quick call to the doctor we were off to the ER. After puking in the waiting room they told us that she has a concussion. Poor thing had to get woken up every 2 hours last night and didn't like it. Today she is back to herself with just a little headache.
All I can say is Oh Sophie!

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