Monday, October 4, 2010

Anderson Pumpkin Patch...

We have really enjoyed having our garden this summer. We got a BIG surprise when we found pumpkins growing. We didn't plant any this year and we think they were left over seeds from last summer than never made it. We are lucky that we have lots of room in the back because they took over the field. I counted 18 big pumpkins.

For FHE we went on an adventure to the Anderson Pumpkin Patch. The girls were sooo excited to pick them after watching them grow all summer.
No pumpkin picking experience is complete without a hay/wheelbarrow ride!

I just love them!

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Natalie said...

Awesome, Amanda! I bet collecting the home-grown pumpkins must have been so fun for your girls...and for you and Bodi!

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage! They are the worst! I truly hope you've been feeling better lately!?

Oh, and I LOVE the pumpkins with the ribbons, all grouped together!! So cute! :)