Monday, January 31, 2011

what we did today...

We did nothing exciting today. It was just a good day. The kids played...I got a ton done...not a lot of TV (a new years goal for me)

It snowed last night and the girls were super excited to get out and play. Laynie didn't last long once she fell off the tramp and got snow on her face. Sophie was bound and determined to make a snowman. She rolled all the snow in the back yard. She was getting so frustrated because Sadie kept knocking it over every time she had it perfect.
She finally got him finished and was so proud of herself!
I finally finished the valentines envelopes. I am so excited to have them. ***We start our 14 days of Love tomorrow***
I also made these cute heart bags for Sophie's teachers. We are going to fill them with goodies.
Then Daddy got home and we played soccer. Of course we had to dress up in our super hero capes and Minnie hats. Its the "uniform".

Just a great day with no major drama or it!

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