Saturday, March 19, 2011

the basement is done...yeah!


We have been working on our basement for the past few weeks. We hired a wonderful contractor who was fast and clean. After they were done Bodi started the finishing work. That took a little longer than we wanted but it is finally done. We got carpet laid on Friday morning. That evening when we were putting the furniture in Sophie started screaming. There was blood all over her foot. We realized that she had cut her foot open with a carpet cutter that the carpet guy had left. He had left it in the windowsill and Laynie got a hold of it. She dropped it on the carpet and Sophie found it with her foot.
We knew it was bad right away so Sophie and I headed to the doctor. She was so brave! She didn't want to see any blood or anything so I had to sit on her and hold her legs down for 2 hours.In the end she got 7 stitches in her toe. She should be all better in a week!
After all the drama we finally got the basement put together. Some of the biggest changes were the addition of the storage room. Thanks to Bodi and his great idea we finally have a place to put our stuff! The next big change was the removal of the wall and door. I was totally against this idea but now I love it. It is amazing how it opens up the whole room.
I have wanted to do wanes coating and mustard walls since we moved in. I am so excited to finally have it done!

Last but not least is the entertainment center. Thanks to my BFF Sister Abbey and her furniture ADD we got this amazing entertainment center that fits perfect!
We are so happy about how it turned out! Come on over...lets watch a games...whatever!

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Ahles Family said...

looks so awesome! I love the entertainment center and the walls!