Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Fun...

We had so much fun this Christmas! We love our families and hate missing either for the holiday so we made sure we could be with both this year. We took a trip down to Ephraim to visit the Anderson's. The girls love going down there to see everyone. While we were there the girls decorated cookies.
My SIL Gussie had a special surprise that night. Her boyfriend proposed! 
We are so excited to have Preston in the family!
On Christmas Eve we had a family party. We played fun games and had yummy food!
Then Grandpa took the kiddos on a ride. They found about the only snow in the county!
Then we drove up to Utah county to have a little party with my family. The kids got to open more presents.

We read the Christmas story and the kids acted out the nativity.
Sophie was Mary and Timmy was Joseph. Here he is leading his wife on the donkey.

The kids wouldn't keep their costumes on or sit still...oh well, its tradition!
Christmas morning was so much fun. The girls were so tired from all the parties that we had to wake them up at 7:30. We had church that morning so we only opened our Santa presents before. Laynie was thrilled with her new bike!
 Sophie was excited about her Lala loopsy doll.

 The girls looked cute in their Christmas dresses.
 Of course we had to get a family shot! It was nice having Christmas on a Sunday. We were able to have sacrament meeting and sing beautiful songs and really reflect on Christ. 
 When we got back from church the Nana, Popi & Tim came over to open presents. The girls loved the puppet theater I made them! I was so happy about that!
 We had our traditional breakfast of cinnamon rolls and breakfast casserole. Then Daddy spent the rest of the morning putting together all the new toys.
We spent the rest of our day in our pj's just playing with our new toys. What a fun Christmas!

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