Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Celebrations...

We love to celebrate holidays at our house. Easter is no exception. We had spring break this last week so we took advantage of the time to do lots of activities. We did the 7 days of Easter all week with the girls. We ready from the scriptures about Christ's last week on earth and about the true meaning of the holiday. 

We started off the week having a glow in the dark egg hunt with our friends the Wrights. The kids went nuts for it! It will for sure be a new tradition.

 We dyed eggs...always a family favorite!
We also made little bird nest treats.
On Saturday we had our neighborhood egg hunt in the morning....
and a family egg hunt and party at my Dads. The girls have sooooooo much candy! {Mom is lovin it!}
On Sunday morning the Easter Bunny came to bring the girls some fun things.

Then it was the best part of the! The girls looked darling in their Easter dresses and all of the lessons at church were just the thing to remind us of the true meaning of Easter!

So excited that our next "holiday" is William's birthday! Can't wait! 

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