Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School is in session...

 This summer has been so much fun...but I am soooooo happy that school has started! My girls were so excited for the first day of school. I can't believe Sophie is in 1st grade! My biggest helper is gone all day. She could not be more thrilled to get to be on the big kid playground and to eat lunch at school.
We are so lucky to live in an amazing neighborhood with so many great friends. Sophie gets to be in class with some of her besties!
Sophie at her desk. She had to move her chair around to the side because the sun was right in her eyes. 
 She was so excited to show me her locker. She is #1!

My crazy Laynie started 4 year old preschool. She couldn't wait to go to the same preschool class that her big sissy went to. She wasn't nervous at all! She didn't even want me to walk her up!
 I tried to be a good mom and have a yummy after school snack of milk and cookies!


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Michelle said...

your girls are too cute! It still blows my mind that we have 1st graders! and the lockers kill me!