Sunday, January 18, 2009

365...week 3

Week 3...enjoy

12- Sophie's new favorite thing to play is dog. She even has the leash!

13- I made burp cloths for my friends with my sewing machine.

14- The girls love to play together before bed. Yee Haw!

15- Laynie started walking with her toy.

16- We took a trip to the Living Planet Aquarium with the family.

17- Laynies vampire teeth! Look out!!

18- We love to grill all year long!


Em said...

Had a great time with you, miss ya. Love Laynie's teeth : )

The Olsen's said...

I think it's really cool you're doing this Project 365 thing, it looks so cool, plus you'll have all those memories later on! :) Hope you guys are doing well!