Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mom's 50th Birthday Weekend...

My Mom has started a tradition of going down to St. George to celebrate her birthday. We had such a great trip this year! Here is how it went.
Day 1:
Rachel and I stuffed our kids and all our stuff into her car and drove down to St. George. Sophie was such a good sport because she was back in her little hole the whole time. She was surrounded by all our stuff.
Day 2: The Big 50 Day!
Rachel and I started out the day by going to the Bloomington splash pad. (didn't bring the camera)
Then after naps we had a little skinny dippin in the back yard of the condo.

Then it was off to Claim Jumper for dinner to celebrate the birthday girl. It was so great that some of her AZ friends Sue, Sharron and Shirley were able to come up to celebrate with us.
Jan made sure that everyone knew who's birthday it was!
Next it was off to the show at Tuacahn. We went to see Annie. It was so much fun!
Before the show started Rachel and I surprised Mom with some cupcakes from 25 Main. Soooo Yummy! We also sang to her...she loved it!

This was Sophies first musical. She was so cute. During the show she was singing the songs and in awe of everything. She thought she was so lucky because she got to meet the cast. Here she is with Daddy Warbucks and Miss Hanagan.
And the star of the show....Annie

Day 3:
I took the girls to the St. George Temple visitors center. Both of them were so cute when we saw the statue of Christ. Laynie got super excited and started pointing. Sophie said "I love Jesus".
Later it was off to 25 Main for some more cupcakes. (they really are the best cupcakes I have ever had)
Then we had another swim party in the back yard. This time it was a cross-dressing party. Yes this is Bridger in Laynies swim bottoms. He loved them!Off to the show again. This time we went to Footloose. It was sooo much fun. I loved all the music and couldn't help myself from singing. Guess who the main character was who played Rein??? It was Thayne from SYTYCD! I was so excited. He did such a great job!
Day 4:
Driving home......this is Laynie sleeping for 10 minutes. She is a little stinker!
Happy Birthday Mom! Thanks for turning 50 so that we could go celebrate and have a super fun weekend!


leslie jo said...

What a fun trip? I love St G.

Those cupcakes are devine huh. I agree the best I have ever had!!

What a fun way to celebrate a birthday I will have to remember that one.

Your girls are soo cute and you look great! I thought you lived in Arizona though, did you move or just up for a bit?

Can you tell me what program you use to do your digital scrapbooking?

Teea Lamb said...

That looks so fun! I am glad you had a good weekend. You all look great! :)

Rachel Smith said...

So Fun, but I was oh so ready to come home and take a nap after the trip!