Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh Sophie...

I feel so bad for my girls...they inherited my clumsiness. Sophie got knocked over by the dog and hit the sidewalk. This is what happened.... ...but this is what she was crying about. She didn't even know that she hit her head.

My 5:
1. Going to Tuacahn.
2. Being back into my bed
3. Fresh garden veggies
4. Cupcakes
5. 70 degree day!


Missy said...

Poor thing! My girls have a case of the clumsies about every day it seems. Atleast the bump on the head didn't seem to hurt her too much!

Kathy Wood said...

Sophie, Nana is so sorry you hurt yourself. It looks awlful! Hope it feels better soon! Love Nana

leslie jo said...

Amanda my email is I would LOVE your stuff for enrichment. I have Adobe CS3 so I use photoshop but am not soo acquainted with it yet. Is it easier to use elements?

Your kids are soo cute! Looks like you are enjoying life. Why did I think you were in Arizona, is your sister there? hmmm oh well

Em said...

Poor Sophie! Jett has had a matching bump on his head.