Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 39...

Monday- Laynie thinks she is a big girl now because she can sit up at the bar without her booster seat.
Tuesday- I love watching
Sophie on her way to school.
She gets so excited as she
rides her scooter.
Wednesday- Sophie looked
so cute today I straightened
her hair and she got to
wear her cute boots.
Thursday- All of the
sudden I heard Sophie
trying to sniff something
up her nose. What was it?
A piece of corn. She shoved it up there and I had to get it out with tweezers.
Friday- Sophie is my new little
helper. She loves to clean
with her special squirt
Saturday- The girls love to
come into bed with Bodi and
I. They love to jump on Daddy’s tummy and wake him up.
Sunday- Laynie has a new way of getting what she wants. She usesthe stool from the
bathroom and moves it to play with the silverware.

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