Sunday, September 20, 2009

Zoo Babies...

My Cousin Emily and her family invited the girls and I to the zoo on Friday. We were so excited to go see all the baby animals. It has been a long time since the zoo has had any babies.
Here's Laynie, Ej and Jett measuring up to the apes. and Jaylee, Ej and Sophie sitting on the sneezing elephant.
The baby giraffe has gotten bigger since we saw her last but still just as cute.
Little Zurrie melted my heart when I saw her. She is sooooo cute. She was playing in the dirt and trying to dig a hole with her little trunk. I just wanted to squeeze her and take her home!

My Five:

1. Zucchini cake
2. Getting to spend a little time with all the Great Grandparents this week
3. My sunbeam class...they make Sunday's interesting
4. Thunderstorms
5. Baby animals

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