Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week 35...

monday- my mom & i made debbie’s salsa!
tuesday- we met grandma debbie at the gateway
for dinner. went shopping, a carriage ride and played
in the fountain.
wednesday- 1st day of bowling for the season. angie,
me, kara & staci...go gutter girls!!
thursday- my mom, aunt jan, rachel and i canned
peaches & blackberries. we did 7 cases today.
friday- took another trip to the living planet aquarium
with emily, jaylee, ej & jett!
saturday- lagoon day for jackson kyhl’s birthday!
sunday- laynie loves to eat corn like a
big girl.

yummy peaches...

look how beautiful these are... i just want to eat them all up...
instead we canned 60 something jars...
what a fun day!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adventures at the Gateway...

We haven't seen Grandma Anderson in a while so we decided to meet up at the Gateway tonight. We went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. Grandma took the girls on a carriage ride on Bob the horse. Then we had a little Ben & Jerry's
Last but not least we hit up the water fountain. The girls were drenched. I had to go buy some dry pj's for the ride home!

Thanks Grandma for meeting us tonight. We had a great time!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week 34...

monday- Sophie is enjoying
grandma anderson’s zucchini
tuesday- i got the girls a
hummingbird feeder for the
deck. they love to watch the birds
wednesday- the girls love to dance
with their tu tus on, but when i
went to get my camera i found
them with their cowboy hats
on too!
thrusday- mom and i went
shopping in park city. i think
i got all the things the girls need
for the winter.
friday- took a trip to the zoo
to celebrate his 2nd birthday!
saturday- we had a little party
to celebrate my mom’s 50th
birthday. look at all that smoke!
sunday- bodi and i went to
the oquirrh mountain
temple dedication. it was
so wonderful! your kids...

We had a scary moment on Saturday with Sophie. We had a miss-communication between Bodi and I. He told me to send Sophie out to the pool, so I did. He didn't know she was there and then left the backyard. She thinks she can swim so she jumped off the diving board without her swim egg on. She tried to swim but didn't make it. Luckily our friend Heidi was outside and noticed her in the water. She jumped in with her clothes on to save her. It was a scary moment. So please watch your kids around water. This was a close call that I will never forget. I am so grateful that Heidi was there and paying attention!

Week 33...

a little late...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bridger's Zoo Party...

Bridger turns 2 today, but on Friday we went to the zoo to celebrate. He wasn't too sure about opening his presents...
until he saw his Thomas trains! He loved them.

I had to post a picture of the new baby giraffe. She was so cute!
Laynie spit her passy into the Lemur cage. We couldn't get it back. Bye, bye passy!

We took a ride on the carousel. Bridger didn't like it much but the girls loved it.
Laynie was not very happy about getting off the carousel!

Can't go to the zoo without measuring up to the apes.

Of course the kids had to play with the water ball to end the day.

She is so cute!
Happy Birthay to all the August birthdays! Mom, Colton, Emily, Anne, Gage,Jake, Gussie, Bridger & Jackson!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh Sophie...

I feel so bad for my girls...they inherited my clumsiness. Sophie got knocked over by the dog and hit the sidewalk. This is what happened.... ...but this is what she was crying about. She didn't even know that she hit her head.

My 5:
1. Going to Tuacahn.
2. Being back into my bed
3. Fresh garden veggies
4. Cupcakes
5. 70 degree day!

Mom's 50th Birthday Weekend...

My Mom has started a tradition of going down to St. George to celebrate her birthday. We had such a great trip this year! Here is how it went.
Day 1:
Rachel and I stuffed our kids and all our stuff into her car and drove down to St. George. Sophie was such a good sport because she was back in her little hole the whole time. She was surrounded by all our stuff.
Day 2: The Big 50 Day!
Rachel and I started out the day by going to the Bloomington splash pad. (didn't bring the camera)
Then after naps we had a little skinny dippin in the back yard of the condo.

Then it was off to Claim Jumper for dinner to celebrate the birthday girl. It was so great that some of her AZ friends Sue, Sharron and Shirley were able to come up to celebrate with us.
Jan made sure that everyone knew who's birthday it was!
Next it was off to the show at Tuacahn. We went to see Annie. It was so much fun!
Before the show started Rachel and I surprised Mom with some cupcakes from 25 Main. Soooo Yummy! We also sang to her...she loved it!

This was Sophies first musical. She was so cute. During the show she was singing the songs and in awe of everything. She thought she was so lucky because she got to meet the cast. Here she is with Daddy Warbucks and Miss Hanagan.
And the star of the show....Annie

Day 3:
I took the girls to the St. George Temple visitors center. Both of them were so cute when we saw the statue of Christ. Laynie got super excited and started pointing. Sophie said "I love Jesus".
Later it was off to 25 Main for some more cupcakes. (they really are the best cupcakes I have ever had)
Then we had another swim party in the back yard. This time it was a cross-dressing party. Yes this is Bridger in Laynies swim bottoms. He loved them!Off to the show again. This time we went to Footloose. It was sooo much fun. I loved all the music and couldn't help myself from singing. Guess who the main character was who played Rein??? It was Thayne from SYTYCD! I was so excited. He did such a great job!
Day 4:
Driving home......this is Laynie sleeping for 10 minutes. She is a little stinker!
Happy Birthday Mom! Thanks for turning 50 so that we could go celebrate and have a super fun weekend!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Take a look at this...

Look what I found in the garden today! It is huge!

Week 32...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

To make a little yummy...

Grill a little of these... saute a little of this...
boil a little of this....then put it in this...
to make a little yummy!

My Mom and I got together this weekend and made some salsa. We found a recipe that called for grilled peppers. It turned out really good. Can't wait to make some more!

My Five:
1. Laynie has finally figured out the stairs!!
2. 70 degrees out side
3. Sophie singing everything she can...all the time
4. Watching Bodi play with the girls and making them laugh
5. Rachel finally moved

Sunday, August 2, 2009