Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have been watching Good Things Utah for the past 4 years and today I finally got to go taping. Rachel's cute Trendy Tikes ties were featured in a segment because she sells them at Bliss Boutique. It was really fun to see all the things that go on to put together a television show. The best part was meeting the "Ladies". They were so cute in person and just as nice as they are on the show. We got a free cookbook and even got to try the salmon salad that they made today. Thanks Rachel for the tickets. It was a blast!

These are the models for the ties. Me, Rachel, Mom and Kathy (Rachel's MIL)
Just for kicks...Rachel tasting the salmon!

Lovin Fall

I have been so excited about fall and I couldn't wait to get up in the canyon to see the leaves. For FHE my Mom and our friends the Wrights went up to Huntsville to see the leaves. We took a picnic and as you can see the girls were all so excited! Nana with the girls!
The canyon was beautiful!
We wished Daddy could have been there but maybe he will be able to come next time!

My Five:
1. Having the whole family in my bed on Saturday mornings
2. Pumpkin cookies
3. Watching the girls play with My Little Ponies
4. Grey's is back
5. Halloween decorations!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Check her out...

My sister Rachel has a super fun business called Trendy Tikes. She makes kids and dads ties. Her ties are going to be featured on Good Things Utah tomorrow morning at 10am on ABC 4. Check her out!!!

Go to her website for more information on the ties. trendytikes.etsy.com

Week 39...

Monday- Laynie thinks she is a big girl now because she can sit up at the bar without her booster seat.
Tuesday- I love watching
Sophie on her way to school.
She gets so excited as she
rides her scooter.
Wednesday- Sophie looked
so cute today I straightened
her hair and she got to
wear her cute boots.
Thursday- All of the
sudden I heard Sophie
trying to sniff something
up her nose. What was it?
A piece of corn. She shoved it up there and I had to get it out with tweezers.
Friday- Sophie is my new little
helper. She loves to clean
with her special squirt
Saturday- The girls love to
come into bed with Bodi and
I. They love to jump on Daddy’s tummy and wake him up.
Sunday- Laynie has a new way of getting what she wants. She usesthe stool from the
bathroom and moves it to play with the silverware.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Angel Birthday...

Today would have been Kynslee's 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday Kynslee! We love you!

Fire Station Field Trip...

Sophie's preschool had their 1st field trip to the fire station on Tuesday. All the kids were so excited and so nervous at the same time. The fire men were so sweet to the kids and showed them all the fun things at the station. They got to see what the fire man will look like if he had to come into our house.
Then they got to see the lights and hear the siren. As you can see they were all ready!
Nana got to come and help with Laynie. She didn't like the siren as much as the other kids.
I think the best part was when the kids sang their fireman song to the real firemen. They really liked it!

My Five:

1. Fall breeze
2. A heated swimming pool
3. Laynie singing "Happy Birthday"
4. Baby Kynslee
5. Healthy Kids

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 38...

Monday Sophie started making her own sandwich,
peanut butter, honey & raisin!

Tuesday I was so
proud of Sophie! She was the 1st one in her class
to memorize her poem and get a prize.
Wednesday Happy Birthday Grandma Debbie!
We had a surprise party for her in Orem.
Thursday I got to play dress up this week
and model some beautiful wedding dresses. (picture coming soon)
Friday We took another trip to the zoo with
Emily and the kids. We got to see all the new babies.
Our favorite was Zurrie the baby elephant.
Saturday A disappointing season opener for BYU.
We still had fun in our new seats!
Sunday Laynie
loves to play in Daddy's truck!

Zoo Babies...

My Cousin Emily and her family invited the girls and I to the zoo on Friday. We were so excited to go see all the baby animals. It has been a long time since the zoo has had any babies.
Here's Laynie, Ej and Jett measuring up to the apes. and Jaylee, Ej and Sophie sitting on the sneezing elephant.
The baby giraffe has gotten bigger since we saw her last but still just as cute.
Little Zurrie melted my heart when I saw her. She is sooooo cute. She was playing in the dirt and trying to dig a hole with her little trunk. I just wanted to squeeze her and take her home!

My Five:

1. Zucchini cake
2. Getting to spend a little time with all the Great Grandparents this week
3. My sunbeam class...they make Sunday's interesting
4. Thunderstorms
5. Baby animals

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 37...

Monday- Labor Day! We had a super fun holiday. Daddy went golfing with Popi and Pop Pop while Nana, Aunt Jan & the girls went 4 wheeling up in Mantua. It was fun!

Tuesday-Today was Sophie’s first day of preschool for the year. She was so excited about her new backpack and school clothes. She also started her 1st day of performance academy.

Wednesday- Bodi had his first steak flag football game. He got to play quarterback and the girls and I went to watch and cheer Daddy on!

Thursday- Sophie’s second day of preschool. This week was at our house. Today was apple day so we made apple pie pops. The kids loved them!

Friday- We got together at Bella’s for Dinner with Dad, Susan, Rachel, Chad and the kids to celebrate Rachels pregnancy! Congrats Rachel & Chad...can’t wait till April!

Saturday- We had our family pictures taken today by Abbey. We had them taken at Daybreak so we went to visit the new Oquirrh Temple. Sophie loved it. She kept saying how much she wanted to go in!

Sunday- I saw this recipe on my favorite show Good Things Utah for Peach French toast and peach syrup. It was so yummy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

18 Month update...

I can't believe that my baby is 18 months old already! Even though she thinks she is 3 she is still my little baby.
Here are some fun things about Laynie:
22 lbs
31 inches long
Goes down the stairs...finally!
Fake sleeps and snores
Went to nursery for the 1st time
Always has to have an accessory on...hat, necklace, bracelet...something
loves to read books
Her favorite words are: Mine, No and Hoo Haw

A day of 1st...

Sophie started her 1st day of preschool. She was so excited! She had her new backpack and new clothes! This is her pose that she had to do!
Here is her class for this year. Chloe, Sophie, Reagan, Stockton and Branson!
Today was also her 1st day of Performance Academy. This is her singing and dancing group. She is going to have so much fun...no wait, I am going to have so much fun! I was a little jealous that she gets to sing and dance every week! Here is a picture of all the little girls in our neighborhood that she will be performing with.

Labor day adventures...

We had a fun Labor Day this year. Bodi went golfing with Popi and Pop Pop while the rest of us went 4 wheeling up in Mantua. This was the girls first time riding and they had a great time! It was a beautiful day, the scenery was lovely...until we turned the corner and ran into an officer. I got my 1st ticket ever for having Laynie in an "unapproved" helmet. I guess her mushroom helmet wasn't good enough! Oh well! We still had a fun time!

Sophie and Nana Me, Laynie and Aunt Jan
Messy faces...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week 36...

Made another batch of salsa
today with Mom & Jan.
We finally have all our new
Sophie is the neighborhood
dandelion picker. She thinks they are
beautiful flowers!
The girls just love to ride on the
horse. Laynie says Hoo Haw instead of
Hee Haw!
We went camping with the cousins,
Amy, AJ and their families. As you can tell
Sophie was very excited.
Went fishing up at Mantua and
caught lots of little fishies.
Today is Laynies first official day
of nursery. What a big girl! She did great!

My big girl...

Today was Laynie's first official day of nursery. I can't believe that she is growing up so fast. She was a little sad but she stayed in the whole time. Big girl!

Camping Adventures...

We had a big camping adventure planned for the holiday weekend but it got canceled so Bodi and I decided to do a little mini camping trip. We invited my cousins Amy and Aj and their families up to Mantua for the night on Friday. We had a yummy hot dog dinner... and of course some smores. As you can see Sophie was really excited and Mayli was tired!Here is the best part...sleeping kids...
Laynie slept....oh wait she didn't. She was up at 1am and wouldn't go back to sleep. Finally at 4am Bodi took her home. Little stinker. We got only 2.5 hours of sleep that night and we were sooo tired!
This is the way we watch movies camping style...
Bodi got a sitter for Laynie and came back to get us so we could go fishing. Sophie was so excited because she caught a fish just about every time she cast out. I even helped...a little!
AJ even got into the action! Happy Birthday AJ! Look at that HUGE fish!
Thanks Amy, Spencer, Aj and Nikki and kids for a fun camping adventure!

My Five:
1. Football season has officially started! Gooooo Cougars!
2. It is September...fall is almost here
3. Having kids that sleep 10-12 hours most nights!
4. Fruit snacks
5. Spending time with the family!

Hoo Haw...

This is the girls new favorite thing to do in the mornings. They are turning into little cowgirls. The best part is that instead of saying Yee Haw, Laynie says Hoo Haw! It is so cute! Just had a picture of her cute little face...Hoo Haw!