Monday, February 6, 2012

25 Weeks...

How far along? 25 weeks

Total weight gain? 9lbs! I am finally starting to show...but I still have people just think I am getting chubby. Not liking that very much!

Stretch marks?  Still no stretch marks! 

Sleep: Sleep is getting harder. I am so tired but so uncomfortable at the same time. I get cramps in my feet at night and they hurt!

Best moment this week: The girls wanting to kiss baby William goodnight every night. They love to rub my belly and give him kisses.

Baby Movement: This kid is a gymnast already. Sometimes I think he is doing summer salts in my belly. There are times when he moves that it takes my breath away. 

Food cravings: I am over my taco bell obsession...thank goodness! Now all I want is salty chips and dip. I don't know whats worse!

Gender: Boy

Labor signs: If I over do it I have braxton hicks contractions. I never had them with the girls. They are the pits!

Symptoms:I feel like my ribs are going to crack every night. Baby likes to use them like drums! 

Belly button in or out? In...for now!

Getting ready for baby? I have been busy getting Williams room ready. I figured out what I want to do and have been busy getting every thing together. We moved the girls together in Sophie's room so I could start. I ordered this fabric online for the bumper and bed skirt.
I painted these curtains and I love them! They were so easy and cheap.
 I finished the bumper!

Looking forward to: Finishing William's room! We need to paint and I need to finish the bed skirt.

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Erin said...

Hope you don't think I am a weirdo for leaving you a comment since you don't know me :)

I was doing the blog hopping and came across your blog and I realized I follow you on Pinterst (and I think you follow me). Anyway, I think you have great style! I also see you are having a baby boy too (I don't think we are to far apart!)

Totally random, yes. But I wanted to leave you a little comment :)