Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kick off to New Beginnings!

New Beginnings is one of my favorite things to plan for the young women. This year we had a Kick Off to New Beginnings. I found this idea on Pinterest and was so excited to do it for our girls. The whole theme was based on football. We involved all of the new and current young women. All the current ladies wore football jerseys and the "new recruits" wore practice jerseys. The bishopric were the referees and the leaders were the coaching staff. 
Here are our invitations.

We made play books for the girls filled with information about young womens. 
My favorite was the concessions stand. We had yummy popcorn, nachos, red vines and home made root beer.

Our sponsors for the evening were: The Pioneers, CTR, The Temple, Arise & Shine Forth and the Book Of Mormon. Our Beehives had a blast making these signs.

We broke down the night into Pre Game, Game and Post Game.
We had all the current girls run through a poster at the beginning to introduce themselves.

We had a fun game for the girls. We had 4 events set up for them: Catching, Hiking, Throwing and Kicking.
We had 8 new recruits. We split them up into 2 teams with the older girls. We had questions for each girl to answer before they could complete their task. Each recruit had to answer a question then complete the task.

At the end we gave the new recruits Championship rings. They loved them!
It was a really great night! I am so excited for our new recruits to come in soon!

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Nik and Michelle Tolman said...

Hi. I love this idea and want to do it with my YW this January. Is there any way that I could get your templates that you used for the tickets, game plan, etc?