Friday, January 11, 2013

Snow Day...

I have lived in Utah for 14 years and I don't ever remember there being a "Snow Day". We got the call at 6 am and I knew the girls were going to be thrilled. We started the day off with pancakes and hot chocolate. They could hardly wait to get outside. 

We had 11 inches in one spot of the yard and lots more in others. 
 After the first snow play of the day the entire neighborhood came over for a pajama party. The girls planned it all themselves. They had a movie, music, blankets, popcorn and hot chocolate.
 When Daddy got home the real fun began. We hooked up the sleds to the back of the truck and spent 2 hours driving around the neighborhood.

 I even braved the sleds and froze my face off!
Will even got in on the snow day action for a few minutes. 

Snow days are so much fun! I hope this is a day my girls will always remember!

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