Wednesday, February 6, 2013

8 Months

8 months has been so fun! His little personality is really shining through!
Here are some fun facts about Will this month:

18 lbs 9 oz at one of his many doctors appointments this month

Got his first tooth. Bottom right. The second tooth is trying to poke through as well.

He is always hungry. If he sees anyone eating he has to have some. He gets so upset when the girls have snacks without him. 

1st ice cream. I think we have another child with a sweet tooth like his parents. He ate half of Bodis ice cream and screamed when it was all gone.

Clicks his tongue

Claps his hands

Gives high fives

Waves bye bye

Scooting around on his tummy. He mostly goes backwards but gets where he wants to go and gets into trouble! 

He is always rolling into things and hurting his head. Poor buddy is going to have lots of bruises in his future I think!

1st time sledding

Loves to wear his ball cap

He tries to wrestle with Bodi when they are playing on the floor. He rolls onto Bodi then hits him and laughs!

1st time sleeping through the night.  7pm to 7:30am. {Its a beautiful thing!}

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