Thursday, February 28, 2013

9 months

Weight- 18 pounds 12 ounces (16%)
Height- 28 inches (33%)
Head- 18 inches (57%)

We think he is such a big guy but he really isn't! I just love this squishy sweet boy!

* Got his second tooth on the bottom
* Army crawling all over the place
* Gets into trouble. He is always getting into things he shouldn't. When I tell him no he just laughs at me
* Trying to crawl down the stair that goes into the laundry room. He falls on his head every time
* He eats everything. He out eats me at every meal!
* Says Mama, Dada, Sis & Dog
* Blows raspberries on my cheeks
* Sings along to music and when someone else is singing
* Squeals when he sees a dog. He is always crawling to the back window to see Sadie
*Shares his blanket with me. He wants me to put it in my mouth and say "nummy" It makes him laugh.

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