Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Princess

(These cute pictures were taken by the best photographer around, Abbey Kyhl with AK Studio and Design. There is a link to her website under family and friends!)
Sophie Lynn
Age: 23 months and 24 days
Favorite toy: Her play kitchen
Favorite book: Five Fancey Butterflys
Favorite color: Pink but Mom thinks she looks best in purple
Favorite Animal: Mimi's (bunnies)
Favorite Character: Disney.......Princesses, Mickey Mouse and Whinne the Pooh
Favorite Word: Okay She says it for everything
Favorite Food: Yogart and cheese She is very picky!
Favorite Snack: Fruit Snacks
Favorite place to go: The Park, Nana Woods house and Grandma Andersons house
What she can't live without: Passy and Blankie (She is attached!)
Dislikes: Taking liquid medicine and trying new foods.

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The Olsen Family said...

Hey Amanda, this is your cousin Natalie. We have a blog too! theolsenfamily-utah.blogspot.com. Add us to your friends link list! P.S. My mom, Brittney, and Heather have one as well. Check them out. Cute blog by the way!