Thursday, April 24, 2008

Heidi's Wedding

My cousin Heidi got married on Saturday to a great guy named Kevin. My girls were flower girls and had the cutest dresses! We had such a great time at the reception! It would not be a wedding in our family if there wasn't lost of music and dancing. Heidi looked so beautiful and I wish Heidi and Kevin lots of love and happiness!


James and Cami said...

Yeah I love new bloggers!! Cute family! Where are you guys living now? Keep in touch!


Westover Bunch said...

Heidis weddings looks beautiful!! It is so great to see how everyone is growing up!

The Olsen Family said...

Way cute pics Amanda! I'm happy for your cousin. I love your girl's dresses!!! So cute!

Ford Fam said...

Heidi looks so good, I remember her from the dancing days of high school. so random that you found my blog! I always love adding new blogs though. It is so much fun to keep track of everyone. So sad to hear about Ben, and his wife. I hope they are doing okay.

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