Wednesday, April 30, 2008

LOOK OUT!!!!!!

We have been invaded by Chicken Pox! I don't know how it happened but on Tuesday morning I found 3 little pox on Sophies bum. Luckily she has been immunized for them and she won't get too bad. Of course this has to happen when we have a wedding to go to and Laynies blessing to get ready for this week! But what is hard for me is that Laynie is too young to get immunized and has to stay far far away from her big sister so she doesn't get it. I guess chicken pox is really scary in babies. This has been really hard for Sophie because she wants to love on her baby sister. I tell Sophie that she needs to stay away from the baby so she doesn't turn into a chicken. Needless to say Laynie has been spending a lot of time in her swing so she doesn't get infected!
P.S. We have pushed back the blessing to next Sunday at 1pm


The Watsons said...

Hi Guys! Its so fun to see your cute little family! I always ask Rachel how you guys are doing and everything! Cute Girls is all I have to say! How did you find my blog? Stay in touch!

Ashley said...

Sorry to hear about the chicken pox. That is scary. Hopefully Laynie stays healthy.

Reid and Brittney said...

Oh man, the chicken pox are not fun. Cameron got them at 1 year old, two weeks before his birthday. They didn't really seem to bother him that much though. I hope Laynie doesnt't get it, that would be miserable. I hate when kids are sick cause you can't really tell how much pain they are really in and it is hard to figure out how to help them. Good luck I hope Sophie gets better quickly.