Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to you & you & you....

August is the busiest month for birthdays! With both our families combine Bodi and I have a ton of birthdays to celebrate. I thought I would just send a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY out to everyone at once!

Aubri Wood
Colton Wood
Gage Fonville
Anne Fonville
Jackson Kyhl
Emily Hoover
Bridger Smith
Gussie Anderson
Jake Anderson

Did I forget anyone?
I hope you all have a great Birthday and a fabulous year!


him, her or the other one said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for including Jackson. I am having like a total breakdown over the fact that my little baby is turning two. This is too sad...

James and Cami said...

So I love your scrapbook! I have researched how to do digital scarpbooking but I am such a hands on learning so I need to take a class. did you download all the paper and kits to your computer? I tried kinda and it took sooo long. Anyway i love your book and am totally jealous!

haley said...

what boutique? send me all the info, date, fees, etc, and i'll talk to jeff about it.