Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun Weekend...

My friend Abbey and her son Jackson are in town for a little while. We had a fun weekend hanging out with them. On Friday we went to the Tree House Museum in Ogden. If you haven't been there with your little kids I highly recommend it. It is full of different centers where the kids can learn. It is mostly toys that they can play with. The kids loved it.
Here is Dr. Sophie checking on the newborn babies. The kids playing the drums.
Little Sophie Mouse
Sophie & Jackson going fishing.
Laynie loved all the stuffed animals they had.
Laynie was also obsessed with the fire truck. She wanted to drive it the whole time!
Today was my nephew Isaac's baby blessing. The family got together to celebrate! Here is Laynie & Maddie together. They are only a few months apart. They live in Nevada so we don't get to see them much. I think these two are going to be good friends. They both have fiery personalities.
Anderson grand kids

My Five:
1. BBQ Turkey... so yummy!
2. Friends in town all week
3. Summer rain
4. Brand new babies... they smell sooo good!
5. Another fun weekend

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