Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 24...

Monday- We took the girls to the movies for FHE. Sophie was in heaven with the popcorn! Tuesday- Sophie got swimmers ear. So sad!
Wednesday- I scored with my coupons today. Saved $175!
Thursday- I borrowed my Mom’s steam cleaner and I think I am addicted!
Friday- Laynie’s 15 month check-up. 19 lbs 14 oz 31 inches long.
Saturday- Our final performance for the youth pageant. They did so great!
Sunday- Phase 2 of our kitchen make-over has begun. We finally got our new fridge!


Kayleb & Jamie said...

Hey Amanda! Yes kids are invited. Look forward to seeing you!

Kayleb & Jamie said...

I am going to leave the husband question up to you. Ha:)