Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hooray for Halloween...

Happy Halloween everyone! We had such a great time this year. Bodi and I even got into the spirit of the holiday by dressing up. My Mom made the girls these super cute BYU cheerleader uniforms. This is Sophie doing a cheer leading jump! Goooo Cougars!
Here is the whole cougar family!
Don't you just love Hannahs costume. My Mom made that one too!

I had to add a picture from Sophies school party this week. All the kids were so cute. We had a progressive party. They got to go trick or treating at every ones houses.

Look at all the cute crafts they did for their party. They had so much fun!

My Five:

1. Flowers again this week from the Hubby

2. Halloween Parties

3. Debbie's chili

4. Pumpkin bread bowls

5. Finally getting to be with my Sunbeams after 5 weeks.

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Rachel M said...

Love your costumes!!! Your girls look darling and I love that you were the fball player. Brent doesn't dress up but I think even he could handle a costume like Bodi's. Fun post:)