Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Weekend...

We have had such a great weekend. We have had a few family parties and I just had to post some pictures. My Uncle John and Aunt Sally came into town from Kansas. We haven't seen them in over 5 years. It was so great to see them and their kids. We had a party on Wednesday night and had a family talent show. It was so fun! Here is a picture of my Grandpa Rhodes with his Christmas present. He got it a little early because he is so cute! I just love the look on Grandpas face. He was so happy!
Sophie blew me away that night. She has been in a performing group this year. I haven't heard her sing either one of her songs. At the talent show she volunteered to go first and just nailed it. She sang both songs so well. I was so proud of her! She asked the next day if she could perform again...she cracks me up!

Richie played a little ditty on the guitar.
Stockton danced for us and so did Laynie!

Maddie, Jaylee and Sophie eating turkey!

We had a large group this year.

This is the best we could do at getting a group picture of all the kids.
EJ, Bridger, Maddie, Jackson, Jaylee, Jett, Laynie and Sophie

Black Friday: Yes we are the crazy ones who hit up the Orem Toys R Us at midnight. It was nuts but so much fun!
Oh yeah....then there was the BYU vs Utah game. Go Cougars!!!

My Five:

1. Watching Sophie sing
2. Watching Laynie color
3. Service: giving and receiving
4. Getting to see John, Sally and the kids
5. Giving Thanks


Carrie said...

I keep meaning to ask if you made it to Walmart for you $88 doorbuster? We didn't go until 7:00 and I still got my 500 count sheets...I know not too exciting, but oh well...

Brady Tara and Isaac Anderson said...

I cant believe you went to Toys-r-us at midnight. Brady wanted to go but they said the Orem one was swamped so we didnt go! Oh and my parents have that same couch that all the kids are on. ha ha

Tina said...

So weird to hear you call Sally, AUNT Sally:)!