Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mommy and Baby Tea Party...

Sophie has been talking about her party for months. She had lots of ideas but ultimately wanted a party just like last year. Of course I couldn't do that! She has loved her American Girl Bitty Twin that she got for Christmas so we decided to do a Mommy & Baby tea party. I had a little bit of fun putting this together. (lets be honest...this party was for me too!)
Here is our spread!

And now for the table... I headed to the DI to find lots of tea cups and saucers. I even found the cute tea pot.
I used my new silhouette machine to make these lanterns.

Sophie was so excited! She got a new outfit for her baby that morning.

Here cute friends came dressed for a tea party.
Before tea time we had to put their babies down for a nap.
The girls were so cute during the tea party. They kept giving each other cheers and acting very proper.

We made bracelets for the Mommies and the babies. The girls did such a great job beading.
Sophie finally got to open her presents. She has the best friends that gave her some super cute things.
And now the cake!
The party was a success. The girls all had a fun time...especially Sophie!

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Cea said...

SOOO CUTE!! I love this party! Great job!