Monday, May 25, 2009

a great day for a holiday...

It was such a beautiful day for a holiday today! We got together with my family to have a BBQ and go swimming. The water was warm and it was sooo nice outside. The Lambs were able to come and I just love to spend time with them! The girls love it when Daddy throws them up in the air!

Jett & Laynie
Jaylee, EJ, Sophie & Hannah

Nana took the kids on a ride to end the night!

My 5:

1. Getting together with my Lehi family
2. Getting a chance to reflect on those who have served this country and given their lives
3. Watermelon
4. Swimming
5. Remembering all our family and friends that have passed


Em said...

You would love watermelon.
Sorry, I had to. Love ya mmmmwah!

Kelly said...

Hello, I came upon your blog and I absolutely love your digital scrapbooking pages that you make. Can I ask what site or sites you use to design them?