Monday, May 4, 2009

Week 18...

27th- Happy 16th Birthday Tim! We went out to dinner to celebrate!
28th- Strawberry Jammin. I made jam for the first time. So yummy!
29th- Sophie had her spring recital. She was a beautiful dancer.
30th- This is how Sophie sleeps in the car! On the way down to St. George.
1st- Fun at the splash pad with Bridger and our Southern Utah friends!
2nd- Went to another splash pad while Daddy went golfing then swimming with the Harenbergs
3rd- Brian and Lacie blessed their new little boy Nixon then we made the drive home.

My Five:

1. Had a great time in St. George this weekend

2. Missed all the rain while in St. George

3. Going to plant my flowers tonight

4. Smoothies...yummy!

5. I love being at home!

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