Sunday, October 4, 2009

week 40...

Monday- The girls and I went up the canyon with my Mom, Hannah,
and the Wright girls to see the leaves. They were so beautiful!
Tuesday- I finally got to go to a taping of Good things Utah.
Rachel’s trendy tikes ties were featured.
Wednesday- Laynie has allergies really bad. Her skin turns bright
red if she gets touched. I am glad that it doesn’t hurt her.
Thursday- today was free cookie day at Mrs. Fields cookies.
Bodi met us at the mall to get our cookies!
Friday-Sophie and i made place mats with the beautiful
leaves that we got from the canyon.
Saturday- I now have 2 big helpers when I want to
bake. Laynie now had to be right there and “help” every time.
Sunday- Today was Grandpa Bill’s viewing. He passed away
on Thursday. We are going to miss you grandpa!

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