Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 43...

Monday- The girls wanted spooky pancakes!
Tuesday- It was our turn for school this
week. We had T day. We talked about
Wednesday- Sophie is obsessed with
this halloween puzzle. She does
it at least 20 times a day.
Thursday- School again. We did
some halloween crafts!
Friday- I found a recipe for home made
doughnuts. They were so yummy!
Saturday- Mommy has
been sick all weekend so Nana came
to babysit the girls and Mom while
Daddy went to the BYU game.
Sunday- Sophie has been begging
me for weeks to take a picture of
her dog. Here it is.

My 5:

1. My Mom lives close enough to watch my girls when I am sick
2. Great Home Teachers and Visiting Teachers (they brought me dinner and cookies)
3. Halloween crafts
4. Craft blogs....I am trying to be crafty
5. A good husband who tries really hard to do everything I do when I am sick

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