Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 42...

Monday- Sophie started running a fever so I took her in to the doctor. We were shocked when we heard she had Swine Flu!
Tuesday- Even though I had sick kids I got to get my hair done! Went dark and got bangs.
Wednesday- Poor Sophie was quarantined to her room. She got to watch movies all day!
Thursday-Laynie started getting sick today. But that didn’t stop her from coloring on
the walls.
Friday-Uncle Buc and Aunt Tara sent the girls a get well package!
Saturday-Our ward harvest party was tonight. Laynie had her 1st cotton candy.
Sunday- Bodi finally got a deer this year. He had to pack it out on his back!

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Rachel M said...

Your hair looks cute-I'll have to get a better look in person! Glad the girls are feeling better and awesome job on the Harvest Party-I thought it was great:)