Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 7, 8, 9 & 10...

Day 7: Read the 1st Presidency Message from the Friend. We sat by the tree and had FHE.
Day 8: Read Nana's Story. My Mom gave us a little story called the Trouble with Christmas.
Day 9: Layton Lights. Layton City has a drive through light show every year. The girls loved it and we had to go through a few times.Sophie made me take a picture of Ariel.

Day 10: Sophie's Singing Recital. She had her Christmas recital tonight for Performance Academy. Of course she did a great job and had a ton of fun!
Sophie with her one of her favorite babysitters...Emma

I love their fake smiles!

Sophie with most of her friends from our ward.

My Five:
1. Shopping...I really do love it!
2. Watching White Christmas
3. My Crockpot
4. The Friend
5. Family, Family, Family

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