Sunday, December 20, 2009


I have been envisioning Christmas dresses for my girls since October. I am so blessed to have a Mom that can sew anything. I was so excited to finally let my girls wear them to church today. They are exactly what I wanted!

We had a little photo shoot yesterday. I think they have been watching too much Project Runway. They have some great poses!

My Five:
1. Singing in the choir for Christmas Sunday.
2. Christmas Dresses
3. Cocaine Crunch
4. Feeling the Christmas Spirit
5. Christmas Songs


The Ratchford Family said...

I tried to catch Laynie in the nursery yesterday and missed her. So glad you posted those pictures. The dresses are adorable. And what the heck is cocaine crunch. Because I know you guys aren't doing drugs over there.

Missy said...

Their dresses are BEAUTIFUL! I love the frilly skirts.
I totally spaced the whole Christmas dress thing this year. Woops:)