Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Fighting Irish...

There are three of us that have birthday's in the same week so we decided to throw ourselves a party. Actually it was just an excuse to have a party! Since the Ratchford family is the token Irish family in the neighborhood we decided to have a St. Patricks day party.

Here are the Birthday Girls (Rachel, Shannon and Me) We learned a lot about the Irish. We had Irish food, songs, words and of course some dancing.
Kyle learned how to drink (chocolate milk) like an Irishman.
Bodi learned how to kiss the Blarney Stone like and Irishman.
We also learned how to fight like and Irishman. The party quickly turned into a fight night. The wives got 30 seconds to beat on their husbands. The best part was that they couldn't fight back! I tried my best to make Bodi cry. It didn't work but it sure was fun beating him up!

Rachel got Davey pretty good!
We had a great time and learned a ton about being an Irishman!

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The Ratchford Family said...

Love the pictures! It sure is fun having people to share a birthday with.