Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Laynie...

I am having a hard time today. My baby is 2! It is hard to think that I don't have a baby at my house anymore. It really feels like she was just born. My has she changed in the past 2 years!7 weeks
1 year
Almost 2
Things we love about Laynie at 2:

* She is CRAZY!
* She has a super funny laugh that sounds like a goat.
* She loves to play dress ups and with her dolls.
* She can sing the chorus to Lady Antebellum "I need you now"
* Loves to sing primary songs.
* Obsessed with Dora and Mickey Mouse
* She thinks she is sooo big and can do everything like her big sister.
* Loves to color...on everything!
* She loves her Daddy!
* Loves to be outside.
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


Missy said...

She is so adorable:) Happy Birthday! It's hard when you realize they aren't babies anymore, I know the feeling.

Shannon said...

love that little goat laugh. Cameron and I still talk about her little laugh and crack up every time!