Monday, March 1, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth...

*****WARNING PICTURE OVERLOAD*****This is for posterity so feel free not to read!

We just got back from our trip to Disneyland. We had such a great time! I think I get more excited about going than my girls do! Laynie took her 1st plane ride over to Cali and she did great. She sat and watched her movie the whole way.
Day 1:
We started our day at Disneyland getting our free tickets. I was super excited that I got a pin just for volunteering! The girls got a pin for their birthdays. Everywhere we went the staff told Sophie happy birthday.

This picture is just a sample of how lovely Laynie was our whole trip. She was afraid of all the rides that were a little dark and she was mad that she had to wait in line for a few minutes for the rides. She was a mess...but we had a good time anyways.We went with our friends the Richins. This is Kara and Sophie waiting for the princess walk. They had their autograph books all ready to go.
The girls were so excited!

We got to see Mickey!
We went to Goofy's Kitchen for dinner. I would highly recommend this to everyone that goes. The food was delicious and we got to see lots of the characters.
Cameron- this is for you!
Laynie was so scared of Goofy. She wouldn't let go of me!
Sophie was the exact opposite. She even got to dance with Goofy.
Day 2:
Laynie was loving Dumbo. She kept asking to go back on it.
We got to see Tinkerbell today too!
We went to see the Play House Disney show and Sophie got to help out. Laynie really loved to see Mickey up close.
As we were walking around the park we ran into Bodi's Aunt and cousins. It is so funny that we have to go to another state to see the family!
Day 3:
We took a trip to the beach. It rained after a few minutes of being there. Then we hit the malls and tired to go back. When we got there we found out the entire pacific coast was closed off because of a possible tsunami. It was kind of a bummer that we didn't get to spend more time but Laynie finally got to see the beach and she loved it!

Trip Highlights:
Me- Sophie let's go potty before we get on the plane. Sophie- That's okay, I can hold it until we get to Disneyland.
Waiting in line for a ride and Sophie says "Mom, all of my dreams have come true!"
Getting on Star Tours she asks if we are going somewhere. I told her we were going to space. After we got off she asked "Are we still at Disneyland?"
-Dancing during the Small World ride
-screaming, shaking and flipping out because she can't wait to get on the carousel
- loving the beach and trying to run right into the water.

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