Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yo Ho, Yo Ho a Pirates Life for Me...

Laynie had a super fun day on her birthday. When she woke up I think she knew that it was her special day. She got to open up her presents from us. I got her babysitter barbie that goes potty...hint hint.
She also got a tonka truck. She was so excited to get it outside and push it around.
Then she got her traditional McDonald's pancakes. She was soooo excited because she just watched Sophie get hers a few weeks ago. I just love this picture of her!
We had Laynies party at Pirate Island Pizza in Orem. If you know me well you would know that I love to plan a party. I can't have a party without a coordinating outfit. Thanks Nana for her super cute skirt.

I was so excited about these cupcakes. I know they aren't anything special but I loved them!
Laynie had a fun time riding on the rides and playing games. She was "sad"...I mean MAD that she had to stop to eat dinner.
She had everyone sing to her and she got really excited about that. She kept yelling out Happy Birthday. I think she knew that it was her special day.
This picture show how happy she was. I hope she had a super fun birthday!

Thanks everyone for coming and loving Laynie!


him, her, or the other one said...

seriously! i love the family picture with sophie looking all annoyed!!! priceless! everything looks so fun :) good job miss party planner!

Ashley said...

I love her pirate party. Too adorable. Your mom is amazing with that skirt. Did she use a pattern or just come up with it on her own.

I can't believe how big Laynie is getting. She is losing that baby look and looking like a cute little girl. With Morgan turning 2 in December I totally get how you feel!