Sunday, May 26, 2013

12 Months

What a fun year it has been. I just love this little man more that anything! 
Here are some more fun facts about baby Will...

* He started pulling up on furniture and cruising.
* He uses one of his toy trains as a walker and walks on his knees or on his feet all hunched over.
* 1st trip to St. George.
* Stopped eating most foods. He has become super picky. I thought he was teething but no teeth are coming in!
* Started to try out the stairs.
* Loves swimming in Nana's pool.
* Had another ear infection.
* He loves to be outside all the time. He still isn't walking so his toes are always scraped up. I try to put shoes on him but he kicks them off. He crawls around doing a bear crawl.

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