Sunday, May 26, 2013

12 Months

What a fun year it has been. I just love this little man more that anything! 
Here are some more fun facts about baby Will...

* He started pulling up on furniture and cruising.
* He uses one of his toy trains as a walker and walks on his knees or on his feet all hunched over.
* 1st trip to St. George.
* Stopped eating most foods. He has become super picky. I thought he was teething but no teeth are coming in!
* Started to try out the stairs.
* Loves swimming in Nana's pool.
* Had another ear infection.
* He loves to be outside all the time. He still isn't walking so his toes are always scraped up. I try to put shoes on him but he kicks them off. He crawls around doing a bear crawl.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mustache Bash

I have been planning Wills birthday party since he was 6 months. It was my first boy birthday and my last 1st birthday party so it had to be BIG! I spend weeks getting ready for this. I made his t-shirt, signs, invites, game, banners and cake. We invited all our family and close friends. We had about 50 people come celebrate with us. We held it at the bowery behind our chapel. 

Everyone got a mustache when they came to the party. They got to see a few fun facts about Will.

I made will another mustache cake. This time I made a ton of cupcakes to go with it. I even made my own homemade butter cream frosting. I was scared but it turned out to be super yummy! One of my favorites were the lolly pops I ordered with mustache stickers that said Will's 1st Birthday!

We played pin the mustache on Will. He even got in on the action.

We had fun taking pictures of everyone in their mustaches.

Will was being a stinker most of the party but when I put him in his high chair he knew what was coming. It was the happiest he was all night!

He put on quite a show for everyone and dove right into his cake!

I think he liked it!

He was super spoiled by all this family and friends. He got to open lots of fun presents.

The party was a success! I am sad that it is over but had such a fun time planning this for my boy. Thanks to all our family and friends who came to celebrate with us!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Will!

It happened! I didn't want it to but it did. I have been emotional for the past few days. I couldn't figure out why. I know now. My baby boy is 1. I remember when my girls were felt like time went by so slowly. It felt like it took them forever to get out of the infant stage. This has been the fastest year of my life. It has been such a fun year for our family. This little man has brought us so much happiness!

We started off the day at the doctors office. I don't know what I was thinking scheduling his shots for today. He was so brave and was so excited to get his sucker at the end.

It took me about 30 tries to get him to hold still long enough to get a picture of him in his 12 month sticker. He wasn't feeling well and wanted me to hold him.

We had Grandpa and Grandma Anderson up for dinner and celebrations. I made this mustache cake for him. We had some of his favorite foods for dinner...spaghetti, zucchini and squash. After dinner he opened his presents. Grandma Deb got him a singing Elmo doll that he was loving. We got him a rocking horse. He loved it!

He was super excited about his cake. He dug right in before we could even sing to him. He went nuts with it. He had it all over him, even in both ears!

We love you baby Will! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

11 Months

It is physically hurting me to write this post! I am dying inside just thinking about how fast this past year has flown by. I love this boy so much my heart hurts! Here are some highlights of him at 11 months:

* He is now a bottle baby. I started weaning him at the beginning of the month and after a few weeks it was just to hard to only feed him in the morning and at night. He would get so upset and confused. I finally just stopped and he has been doing just fine. I am the one that is having a hard time with it. He LOVES whole milk! He drinks so much of it. I really think he has gained 2 whole pounds in the next few weeks. 
* He has finally learned how to crawl on his hands and knees. He doesn't like to do it as much as he likes to army crawl. I call him a Salamander. Its what he looks like when he is going fast!
* He started pushing his cars and trucks around on the floor and making an engine sound.
* He started standing up on things. Any stool, box or drawer is fair game for him to stand on or crawl over.
* He has started to become a bit picky with his food. It may be a game that he likes to play. He spits out his food and then throws it on the floor. It's not a fun game for me.
* He is infatuated with the light sockets. I have never had a baby that even cared they were there. He tries to put all his toys in them and tries to suck on them. He scares me!
* New words: Hi, Lay Lay and Ball
* Animal sounds: "Will what does the dog say?" Woof Woof. Monkey: Ooo Ooo, Ahh Ahh. Cougar: Growl
* He kicks a soccer ball. If you hold him up to a ball he kicks his little feet super fast and kicks the ball around.
* He has discovered outside! He loves to crawl around the yard and explore. He loves to "help" Bodi with the yard work.
* He loves to read books. His 2 favorites are "Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you See" and "That's not my Puppy". He wants me to read them over and over. Of course I do!
* He is sleeping through the night about 90% of the time. He goes to bed about 7:15 pm until about 8:00 am.

Week 18